The Strongest Man

A bar owner was so sure that the bartender that works in his bar is the man with the strongest hands in the city that he offered a reward to anyone that can squeeze only one drop of lemon juice after the bartender squeezes it.

People from all over the city were trying to squeeze only one tiny drop of lemon juice without any success. Bodybuilders, handy men, hotshots…everyone tried but no one had a success. One day a short man walks in the bar and accepts the challenge. No one took him seriously because he was small and wore glasses. The bartender squeezed the melon as hard as he could and gave the lemon to the man. He managed to squeeze a total of 6 drops of lemon juice. The bar owner asks the man:

  • So, what exactly is your profession? Are you a blacksmith, bricklayer?
  • Nah, I am a tax collector.

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