I might be drunk but I am not a fool

A police officer stops a car with a man and a woman inside. The police officers asks the man:

  • You look drunk. Why are you driving?
  • All right. I admit. I had a couple of drinks.
  • Does your wife have a license?
  • Yes.
  • Then why don’t you let her drive?
  • I might be drunk but I am not a fool.

Sex for vacation

John and his wife Loren decided to save money for a vacation.

They bought a moneybox and placed it in their bedroom. They have decided to put $5 every time they have sex. The time to go on vacation has come and they have decided to open the moneybox and see how much money they have collected. John starts counting and besides $5 bills he sees a lot of $20 and even $100 bills and asks Loren:

  • Loren, what are these bills inside? I have put only $5 bills!?

  • Well honey, not all men are “cheap” like you…

The ATM will fix it

An older gentleman enters a gym. He is working out for an hour when he notices an attractive young lady entering the gym. He calls the trainer and asks:

  • Which device should I use to impress this beautiful young lady?

The trainer looks at the man from head to toes and says:

  • I would suggest using the ATM down the hall.

This must be magic

Peter and his wife are having a walk in the mountains. They come across a well and Peter throws a coin for a wish after that his wife does the same but as she throws the coin she suddenly fells into the well and Peter says:

Wow, these wishes are fulfilled really quickly!

Female and male flies

A woman goes to the kitchen and sees her man standing with a flyswatter in his hand.

  • What are you doing? – The woman asks.
  • I am trying to get rid of the flies in our kitchen.
  • So did you have any success?
  • Yes, I’ve killed three male and two female flies.
  • And how exactly did you know which one is female and which one is male?
  • Three of them were standing on my beer cans while the other two were on the phone.

Latest ginger jokes

ginger girls are sexy too funny humor

Is Scarlett Johansson hot or is she hot. Lately I have difficulties to find out what here natural hair color is anyway.

I’m generally against hair color stereotypes. If a girl is cute then it does not matter if she has black, red or blond hair. Feel free to tell me what you think about it.

Satisfied and smiling

Two male friends are talking to each other:

  • You won’t believe me what happened to me yesterday!
  • What?
  • I knock at the door and there greets me a satisfied and smiling woman.
  • Wow, how’s that?
  • Well, it was the wrong door!