All I see is boobs lol

Those balls of a pro must be huge

His balls are huge!

So that is what you need to have to be a pro. Now many other things start to finally make some sense…

Well I already had a feeling that it was all about “that“, but I wasn’t prepared yet to throw my dreams away aww!

Sport fairness is very important

A team of elephants played football against a team of mice. At the end of the match one of the elephants says:

  • Hey guys, please accept our apologies if we have injured someone.

One of the mice says:

  • Don’t worry we were very rough too.

Olympic speech

They have decided to let Tom make a speech at the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games. He stands in front of the microphone and starts speaking:

  • O, oo oo!

The whole stadium repeats that.

Tom once again repeats these words.

When he decides to say the same thing for the third time the man standing next to him says:

  • You can skip that part, those are the Olympic circles.