Smart grandpa Wi-Fi idea

Jack finally managed to gather all his grandsons at his home:

  • Listen to me kids; one day when I die I want you to place a Wi-Fi router on my grave.
  • But why grandpa?
  • So you can visit me more often you little rascals!

Smart dogs and their owners

Two dog owners are arguing whose dog is smarter.

  • My dog is very smart – says the first one – every morning he waits for the paperboy, gives him a tip and brings the newspaper on my table.
  • I know that – says the second dog owner.
  • How do you know that?
  • Well, my dog told me.

Walrus transportation

Two Eskimo brothers did live in a village around 15 miles from the ocean. One day both went to the ocean and caught a walrus. They grabbed the walrus by the tail and started dragging it towards the village. During their walk the walrus teeth kept bouncing from the frozen ground and made the job really difficult. When they’ve passed halfway of their route, already weary and exhausted they saw a white man walking by.

  • Why are you so stupid? Why don’t you just hold the walrus by its teeth and drag him in that way. It’s much easier – the white man said.

They have decided to listen to his advice and after walking for few miles one of the brothers said:

  • That white man was a really smart man. It’s much easier to carry the walrus in this way.

The other one replied in anger:

  • White man is a stupid man. Look we are back to the ocean again.