Please mom let me do this

  • Mom can I put some makeup on my face?
  • No.
  • Can I wear a mini skirt?
  • No!
  • Can I wear high heels?
  • Certainly not!
  • But mum, I am 19 years old now!
  • I said no Peter! Stop it!

Good point camel, good point

Baby camel asks her mother:

  • Mom why do we have a hump?
  • We use these humps as reservoirs. They provide us water while we are in the desert.
  • And why do we have big eyelashes?
  • To protect our eyes from sand found in the desert.
  • Why do we have wide hooves?
  • To avoid sinking into the sand in the desert.
  • But mum, what the hell are we doing in the zoo then?

No way I’m driving you to your mother now!

Jessica wakes up in the middle of the night, scared and disturbed and she tries to wake her husband:

  • Wow, I had such a scary dream and I am still shocked…You know when I was younger and when I had a nightmare I went into my mother’s bed and she soothed and hugged me.

Her husband replies:

  • You are out of your mind! You want me to drive you to your mother’s house, it’s 3:30 AM for Christ sake!

Awkward situation

Two friends are having a conversation:

  • So, how old is your new girlfriend?
  • Around 40.
  • She could be your mother!
  • Yeah she could, but it is actually your mother…

Who do you love more – your mum or your dad?

Tom asks his son:

  • Who do you love more my son? Mum or dad?

Little Jimmy says:

  • I love you both equally!
  • Great! But if your mum goes to Europe and I go to Asia where would you like to go?
  • In Europe – little Jimmy replied.
  • But why son?
  • Because it is a beautiful continent!
  • But what if I go to Europe and your mum goes to Asia?
  • I will go to Asia?
  • Why!? – Tom asks in anger
  • Because in that case I would have seen Europe already.