15 Funny Dinner Memes

6 Funny Dinner Meme loonyhumor

Not exactly “When the hunter becomes the hunted”, but we are getting close. Also notice that the deer knows exactly where the gun is pointing to. It’s not a coincidence that it comes from that direction. This is one of my favorite funny dinner quotes, but there are more good ones yet to come.

6 Funny Dinner Meme loonyhumor

I don’t know exactly what the issues in your relationship are, but your (ex)girlfriend is really hot. May I jump in and try my luck? No hard feelings, right 😉

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Too many flat screens hurt your eyes

buffalo wild wings and flat screens perfect combination

I believe they took the old saying that you can never have too much of something way too literally. The sheer amount of flat screens is actually more disturbing to the customers than it is useful.

Also I think I can see online poker being played on one of the screens in the background LOL. The only thing that is missing to make it “perfectly funny” is a ping pong table!

Like father bear like son bear

Papa bear, mama bear and baby bear return to their home. Papa bear looks at his empty plate on the table and says:

  • My plate is empty, someone ate my food!

Baby bear looks at his plate too and says:

  • My plate is empty too! Someone ate my food too!

Mama bear looks at them and says:

  • Stop it! I haven’t served your food yet!

Just write it down already

Two old friends are sitting in a park. One of them tells the other:

  • Do you want some ice cream? I will take a chocolate ice cream how about you?
  • I want vanilla flavored ice cream. But, please write that down. We are too old we easily forget things.
  • Don’t worry about that, the ice cream parlor is right around the corner.

After 5 minutes the one that started the conversation comes back with two hotdogs. The friend sees him and says:

  • Where is the mustard?
  • Damn, I completely forgot about that!
  • That’s why I told you to write down these things.

The old melon seller

One old man was selling melons on the market. Above the melons he placed a sign – “One melon – $1, three melons – $3.5”. A man came and bought one melon for a dollar. He walked around came back and bought another melon for one dollar and after awhile he bought a third one.

Once he got the third melon he said:

  • You might be old but you are not an experienced seller. I just bought three melons for $3 from you not for $3.5 as you asked.

The old melon seller looked at the man and said:

  • This was exactly my plan. Do you know how many people like you that actually need one melon end up with three melons bought from me?

Power of Imagination

After one hour playing with the fish in his dish little Jimmy tells his mother:

  • Mum I don’t want this fish. I don’t like it.

His mother says:

  • Well imagine that the fish is something you really like and start eating it.
  • I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you imagine that I’ve already ate it and take this dish away from me – little Jimmy replied.