Funny Lucky Star Anime Gag

lol lucky star manga hilarious joke

This was proved to be the case so many times. People who don’t watch anime usually think it’s just another Pokemon or Digimon thing. However, they don’t know that actually only about 15% of all manga/anime in Japan are produced for children. 50% are for those who are older than 15 years and about 25% are made for the adult section.

Of course they are tons of categories and sub-categories. From horror, romance, comedy, action, tragedy to sub categories like :

  • Josei – Manga for ladies. Targets women from 18 to 30.
  • Shounen or Shonen. Mainly produced for boys. Includes fighting and violence.
  • Slice of Life – is based around of usual events that could really happen with ordinary people. No magic, no demons or other stuff.
  • Harem – refers to a protagonist who has a lot of women around him (does not have to mean that they actually are having sex)
  • Yuri – refers to “girls love” manga and anime

And the list goes on and on…