27 funny One Piece moments

one piece funny squabblers zoro sanji anime humor

You have to keep it simple with Zoro (when it comes to direction and orientation). However, if you piss him off too much, you might have a problem haha.

one piece funny anime zoro vs. chopper sanji anime

You need to know when to give up.  Now seems like the perfect moment for it!

one piece funny admirals funny comparison

That’s One Piece Universe logic for you. Nobody said that anime/manga will always make sense ;). That being said, can we now have more female crew members?! Thanks

one piece funny zombie apocalypse solution found

And they say Zombies are scary. And they say Luffy can’t do anything right. And they say Zombie apocalypse!#!

You can’t miss these funny One Piece moments!

one piece funny hilarious luffy gif admiral chasing

If they keep up this tempo, then they are going to catch him… Never! Funny thing is that Kizaru alone wouldn’t have any problems catching him, that’s for sure. Again read “One Piece Universe Logic”!

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Are you a man or not?

heavy bottles pull with bicycle funny picture

Screenshot alone isn’t enough for me to buy this haha. I want to see either a full video or a funny gif, but I seriously doubt that anyone could pull that.

And even if somebody could the risk of those bottles falling and maybe even injure you really bad is just too big. Still if somebody dares to try it he would earn some big respect from me :)

As long as it drives it must be ok

As long as it drives it must be ok loonyhumor

I remember when I was taking driving lessons long long ago, that I managed to completely pull out the gear shift lever and my driving instructor was just like:” Just put it back in”.

Side Note: No it was not this car 😛