15 Funny Dinner Memes

6 Funny Dinner Meme loonyhumor

Not exactly “When the hunter becomes the hunted”, but we are getting close. Also notice that the deer knows exactly where the gun is pointing to. It’s not a coincidence that it comes from that direction. This is one of my favorite funny dinner quotes, but there are more good ones yet to come.

6 Funny Dinner Meme loonyhumor

I don’t know exactly what the issues in your relationship are, but your (ex)girlfriend is really hot. May I jump in and try my luck? No hard feelings, right 😉

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Smart dogs and their owners

Two dog owners are arguing whose dog is smarter.

  • My dog is very smart – says the first one – every morning he waits for the paperboy, gives him a tip and brings the newspaper on my table.
  • I know that – says the second dog owner.
  • How do you know that?
  • Well, my dog told me.