Bicycle Business Tour

A guy on a bicycle crosses the national border every day carrying a large bag on the back of the bicycle. The customs officers regularly checked the bag but every time they found the same thing – sand.

  • All right. Can you tell me what are you doing? You are certainly not smuggling sand are you? – one of the customs officers says.
  • No – the guy says.
  • I will give you my word that I won’t do anything as long as you tell me the truth – what are you smuggling?
  • All right then, I’ll tell you – I am smuggling bicycles.

I might be drunk but I am not a fool

A police officer stops a car with a man and a woman inside. The police officers asks the man:

  • You look drunk. Why are you driving?
  • All right. I admit. I had a couple of drinks.
  • Does your wife have a license?
  • Yes.
  • Then why don’t you let her drive?
  • I might be drunk but I am not a fool.