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Best of Seinfeld funny gif loonyhumor

George Louis Costanza is among my favorite characters from the “Seinfeld” sitcom. Jason Alexander really fits this role and he played it very well for 9 whole seasons.

Costanza plays the best friend of Jerry Seinfeld (also real name) and they know each other for a long time, or to be more precious since high school. During these 9 seasons these both went through thick and thin, and thus they produced a huge number of amazing and very funny scenes.

Here are some more classic scenes from George:

Classic Steve Martin Moments

hilarious steve martin movie scene

Classic Steve Martin!

He was always among my favorite comedians. It’s not just his funny movies, but also his flexibility as an actor that impresses me. Even though, it seems he always plays the same role in every movie that is not the case. Here are some more classic moments of Steve Martin and Richard Pryor