15 Funny Dinner Memes

6 Funny Dinner Meme loonyhumor

Not exactly “When the hunter becomes the hunted”, but we are getting close. Also notice that the deer knows exactly where the gun is pointing to. It’s not a coincidence that it comes from that direction. This is one of my favorite funny dinner quotes, but there are more good ones yet to come.

6 Funny Dinner Meme loonyhumor

I don’t know exactly what the issues in your relationship are, but your (ex)girlfriend is really hot. May I jump in and try my luck? No hard feelings, right 😉

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Help me cat

Peter was tired of his wife’s cat and decided to get rid of her. He took the cat in the nearby park and left her there but when he came back home he saw the cat sitting in the front of the house. The next day he decided to take the cat with a car few blocks away but once again when he got back home the cat was waiting. So, the third day he took the cat with his car and drove to a remote place crossing bridges, driving left and right…and he finally left the car there. Few hours later Peter was still not back at his home. He called his wife and said:

  • Honey is the cat still there?
  • Yes, the cat is under the table why are you asking?
  • Could you please pass the phone to the cat because I got lost and I don’t know how to get back home.

Worst team mates ever?

Worst team mates ever? fairy tail loony humor

You definitely don’t want to work with “these guys”. They are reckless and undependable. The winner of the worst team mates ever award are… Drum roll…

Natsu and Happy!