Successful Children and their Parents

Three friends are having a conversation about their sons. The first one says:

  • My son is very successful. He started as a regular designer and he now owns a company and even gave a house as a present to his friend.

The second one says:

  • I am really satisfied with my son and his life. He started as a car seller, now he has his own company and he even gave his friend two cars as a present.

The third one says:

  • My son is successful too. He used to be salesman in an electronics store. Now he owns several stores and he bought LCD TV and a really powerful computer to his friend as a gift.

A fourth man joins the conversation and says:

  • My son is not that successful. He is working as a hairstylist and recently he came out of the closet and said that he is a homosexual. On the other hand, his last three boyfriends bought him a house, 2 cars, LCD TV and a computer.

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