Rude cab driver

Tom and Dick are having a vivid conversation. Tom says:

  • Do you remember the story I told you three months ago? I was broke and I’ve asked one cab driver to drive me home but I’ve offered only $5. The taxi driver then said “If you are so poor and you don’t have $10, take a walk.”
  • Yeah, That cab driver was really rude – Dick replied.

Tom says:

  • The good news is that I came up with revenge yesterday.
  • Really? How? – Dick asks.

Tom says:

  • I saw him waiting for clients. There were few cabs in front of him so I’ve entered the first one and asked the driver “Would you like to get $50 to drive me to my home but I also want to get intimate with you for that price?” The cab driver said “Go away I am not a prostitute”. I’ve done the same thing with all the cab drivers in front of the rude cab driver. Once I’ve reached his cab I’ve asked him how much does it cost to drive me home he said $10 and I’ve entered his cab. While we were passing his colleagues I was smiling and waving the whole time.

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