Maquerade ball

A married couple has been invited to a masquerade ball. On the day of the party the woman doesn’t feel good and decides to stay at home. However, she convinces her husband to go to the party alone. At first he didn’t like the idea at all, but after her being persistent he agrees and goes alone to the party. The woman takes an aspirin and falls asleep. After 30 minutes she wakes up and her headache is gone. Since it was still early she decides to follow her husband. She puts on a sexy costume that her husband hasn’t seen before. Once at the party she right away recognizes her husband in the batman costume. He is dancing pretty wild with any woman who is in his range. She decides to play a little bit wiht him so she goes to him and starts dancing. After a while she whispers him into his ear to go with her to his car. Of course he didn’t have anything against it. They started having sex before they even got to the car. After that she went home right away so she could hide her costume from him, still believing he doesn’t know who that woman was he had sex with.

The next morning she asks him:

  • How was it?
  • It was boring without you…
  • Did you dance at all?
  • You know I don’t like to dance. I met a friend there and we went to play poker with some other guys…
  • The woman gets upset, because she knows he is lying. And just before she wanted to tell him everything, he interrupts her saying:
  • But this one guy whom I borrowed my batman costume, told me afterwards that he danced like never before and that he banged a woman at the parking lot. And imagine, just when he was about to come the condom broke. He wanted to tell the woman, but she disappeared right after that…

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