Gullible always end up fucked

A husband decided to teach his wife how to play golf. The woman didn’t know anything about golf so she swings the golf club very hard and the ball flies and breaks the window of a nearby house. Her husband gets really angry and says:

  • We will go together in that house and apologize.

They enter the house and see a young man lying on a sofa next to the window. He asks them what do they want and they say that they came here to apologize. The young man says:

  • Do you see this lamp? I was a genie living in that lamp and when you broke the window, the lamp felt and thanks to you I am now free! I can make one wish true for each of you but the woman needs to spend one night with me because I’ve been in that lamp for a really long time.

The husband wasn’t that happy but agreed after a while. The husband wishes to have billions of dollars and the wife wants some corrections on her body. The woman stays with the genie and at the morning he asks her:

  • Excuse me how old are you and your husband?

The woman says:

  • I am 32 and my husband is 33 years old.
  • And you still believe in genies?

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