Chase your chickens and stay healthy

An 80-year old man goes to a doctor and the doctor says:

  • I am impressed! You have excellent blood pressure, your complete blood count is great, you walk without any problems…can you tell me what do you do to stay in such shape?
  • Well, I wake up early in the morning every day, I release my chickens in the yard and I chase them whole day. That’s my exercise.
  • That is certainly helpful but I don’t believe that chasing chickens can keep you so healthy and vital. Your genes probably play vital role…can you tell me when did your father die?
  • My father is alive!
  • Alive? But, how old is he?
  • 99.
  • Wow and what does he do to stay in shape?
  • The same thing – he I chasing chickens every day.
  • I don’t believe that…how old was your grandfather when he died?
  • Are you insane? He is still alive and healthy.
  • You have a grandfather too!? Don’t tell me that he is chasing chickens every morning.
  • He sure does. But today he couldn’t do it because he is getting married soon; he had some things to finish…
  • He is getting married!? Why the hell does he want to marry when he is probably 120 years old?
  • Well he doesn’t want to but his parents are forcing him…

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