40 Funny pick up lines to engage a girl into a conversation or dating

40 Funny pick up lines to engage a girl into a conversation or dating

Are you looking forward to date a girl and go into friendlier terms with her? Then you must be in need of some funny yet engaging pickup lines. Most of the pickup lines used these days fail to impact the girls in the right way. Instead of impressing them, you might end up portraying yourself as a dumb-ass in front of the girls. The pick-up lines should sound funny and help in depicting your sense of humor. Here are some of the ideas that you might find useful:

  1. Your eyes are bluer and deeper than the swimming pool….I would like to plunge into them

Comparing a girl’s eyes to the oceans is common. So how about comparing it to a swimming pool to make it more engaging and sound trendy?

  1. If I were a spider, I would be able to grasp you in a better way….

The eight hands of a spider would prove to be more effective in grabbing someone…so the girl comes to know how tightly you would like to hug her. She will also get an idea about your overwhelming desire to hold her in your arms…and probably grope her too!

  1. I wish I were an octopus…..Then I would have three hearts to beat for you!

So this tells her that your heart beats for her all the time and you like the feeling. You would like to have two more hearts that would beat for her in the same way.

  1. I am not from the weather-forecasting team but I can tell you that you’ll get a few centimeters tonight!

This has nothing to do with rains but is related to the biological phenomenon that the man is likely to go through. It is an indicative of the fact that the girl is arousing the man sexually and is an implicit way of praising her hotness or sexual appeal.

  1. I would like to be the toilet paper so that I could touch your soft butts…

Does it sound dirty? Well, initially she also might think in the same way but this will rouse her interest in a unique way.

  1. Do you have a family business in wifi routers and modems? I think that’s the reason why I feel connected to you…

Let the pick-up line have a relation with internet connection in today’s digital world. The girl might be glad to know that you not only like her but feel connected to her all the time…

  1. Baby I am blown away! Seems you just farted…

This is an expression of romance in an entirely different way…The age-old lines like “your love takes me higher” or “blows me away” do not work anymore. Better try this!

  1. Can I call you a dictionary? You give a new meaning to my day, my life….and everything else!

Saying that she adds a new meaning to your life and stuffs like that are cliche. So it’s better to use the comparison with a dictionary here so that you can add the fun element to your line.

  1. Do you have the habit of eating fermented rice? I think that’s the reason why you are so addictive…

This reveals the addiction that you have towards her and is going to impress her in a better way.

  1. You smell like garbage. I think I should take you out.

This will not insult her in any way but will help you to stand out in the crowd of men who ask her on a date.

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  1. You are like a baby’s toe…Pink and cute! I would like to make you red tonight!

Girls get to hear the second part from quite a number of people. But the first part is generally not associated with it. This pickup line will give her an idea of how her cuteness impacts you.

  1. Your body must be 65% water. That is enough to quench my thirst.

It is a known fact that human body has 65% water. Now if you do not use it as a generic term but apply it specifically for her, it would be great and even has the ability to arouse her sexually!

  1. My clothes are all made of boyfriend material. Would you like to explore them?

Now this is claiming yourself as a boyfriend material. Girls usually look for boyfriend materials…someone who would be caring and pampering. And we are pretty sure that they would love to explore…

  1. My legs are tired…am I running through your mind?

She will not deny if you actually are. No one would like to ask it in a straight-forward manner…”Are you thinking of me?”…So it would be better to ask this in a cute and innocent manner.

  1. Are you a believer of love at first sight? Or should I walk past you all over again?

Instead of saying things like “I do believe in love at first sight cuz I fell in love with you just after I saw you”, this one would be a better idea since this will ask for her love too…

  1. You are a nice girl. So what are you doing in my dirty mind?

This will tell her about your dirty mind and all that you intend to do with her. There can be nothing better than this to prompt her to get started with ‘dirty’ stuffs.

  1. I will not ask you to accompany me to a puff. Cuz you are already smoking hot!

It is catchier as compared to the age-old methods of calling someone hot.

  1. Is your dad a terrorist? I believe the same since you are a bombshell!

Isn’t that a funny way of calling someone a bomb? Let her hotness achieve a new dimension with this…Let her think of these funny words before she goes off to sleep and let the wide smile spread across her cheeks!

  1. I like to call myself as the Titanic…Because I’ll go down on you…!!!

Now when you first call yourself as the Titanic, she would wonder why you are actually doing that. Then after you state the reason, she will be moved…for sure!

  1. Did you ever fall on a pile of sugar? Then how can you get such a sweet pair of boobs?

There’s no hiding the fact that the busts of a woman impresses a man if they are rightly shaped. Now, calling them “sweet” is the new trend instead of calling them large (such as comparing them to fruits like water-melon or pomegranate).

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  1. So far mayonnaise topped my list of lip-smacking items but now it’s your turn baby!

This is like appreciating her as someone quite attractive and cuddly and inviting her for some fun at the same time.

  1. I am fond of algebra and would like to replace X by U.

This is a wise way of saying that you would want to get rid of your ex and want her in your life instead.

  1. My friends call me a bee and I would like to store my honey inside you.

Now this needs little explanation. Comparing yourself to a bee is not that important; what is important is storing your ‘honey’ inside her and you obviously know what it means! It is expected that she will be intelligent enough to know the meaning too.

  1. I can’t find my side pillow…can you please help me out by filling the vacancy?

This shows that you consider her to be as cuddly and soft as your side pillow and is a cute way of asking her to sleep with you.

  1. If there’s a competition between your lips and those fresh berries from my garden, I am sure your juicy lips will win!

Juicy lips are always associated with an intense level of attraction. So, if you want to invite someone for a kiss or smooch, use this pick-up line to make her feel special.

  1. You are almost perfect, girl! And you would be complete once my dick is inside you…

That doesn’t sound vulgar…this is a dirty proposal in a sugar-coated form. What can be a better pick-up line than this when you want a girl to be your bed-partner?

  1. Your curves are dangerous! Just like the sharp turns of a mountainous road…

This shows that you have started falling for her, especially due to the tantalizing curves that she has got…

  1. Can you lend me a bottle of anti-septic? I fell for you and hurt myself…

Girls love boys with a good sense of humor and with some amount of cuteness in them. And that is what this pick-up line can portray about yourself!

  1. If I were a television, you would have been my remote…since you just turned me on…!

Girls have this magical ability to turn guys on, even when they are down. And expressing the same by comparing yourself with a television is funny and interesting. It can turn the girl on as well!

  1. I wish you were one of my lengthiest assignments so that I could spend the entire night with you.

Instead of directly proposing someone to have sex with you, you can try this out so that you can say it in an indirect way but in an interesting manner.

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  1. The microwave stopped working….could you be of a little help?

It is needless to say that this is like admiring the hotness of the girl under consideration. This is an indirect way of doing the same and a smart way too!

  1. You, me and strawberries can make an awesome threesome

Girls love strawberries. It is their favorite flavor, both in deserts and in bed. So this is quite appropriate for inviting them to sleep with you.

  1. I would trust you with my balls more than a circus juggler

A man loves his woman to play with his balls and this pick-up line is awesome! This is subtle humor with a dirty proposal.

  1. I am jealous of your towel since you wrap it round your body every day after shower.

This line will definitely give her goose-bumps as she thinks about you caressing her body.

  1. My favorite color is red. So you know what to wear underneath your clothes the next time you come to my place.

Men sometimes have suggestions about the colors of the under-wears of girls. Now before she even asks you the same, go ahead and use this line!

  1. Which one would you choose baby? Sofa and Vodka or Scotch and Bed?

This will be cool enough…giving her an option among the two is always better than giving her an option between “to sleep or not to sleep”.

  1. I don’t feel like putting on the lights since you are much brighter than the sunshine!

This has poetic stuff in a slightly modernized form. You can try this out for impressing a girl and making her feel special.

  1. I think you have been made in God’s own bakery since I have never come across a cutiepie like you…

Some girls are of the opinion that they should be getting along with guys who call them cute and not sexy. This kind of a pick-up line can be highly effective in that case.

  1. I cannot promise that I will not allow you to shed tears, but I will wipe them off before they get dried.

People often make such promises that they will never let the other one feel sad or cry. But such things do not work out in reality. So it is better to promise things which are actually possible and yet hold a lot of weight!

  1. I cannot bring you the moon but can watch stars with you every night!

Utterly romantic and sweet….One of the nicest pick-up lines I have ever heard!

Try these lines to pick up your girl!

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