27 funny One Piece moments

one piece funny squabblers zoro sanji anime humor

You have to keep it simple with Zoro (when it comes to direction and orientation). However, if you piss him off too much, you might have a problem haha.

one piece funny anime zoro vs. chopper sanji anime

You need to know when to give up.  Now seems like the perfect moment for it!

one piece funny admirals funny comparison

That’s One Piece Universe logic for you. Nobody said that anime/manga will always make sense ;). That being said, can we now have more female crew members?! Thanks

one piece funny zombie apocalypse solution found

And they say Zombies are scary. And they say Luffy can’t do anything right. And they say Zombie apocalypse!#!

You can’t miss these funny One Piece moments!

one piece funny hilarious luffy gif admiral chasing

If they keep up this tempo, then they are going to catch him… Never! Funny thing is that Kizaru alone wouldn’t have any problems catching him, that’s for sure. Again read “One Piece Universe Logic”!

huge funny one piece meme collection

Oh wow that’s a lot to work with! Let’s start with Zoro’s goggles. Do you remember why he needed them in the first place? All I’m going to say is “shining pistols” and “Zoro bluff”. Did that strategy work out for him? Not really…

“Anime chicks have big boobs”. Not actually accurate, at least not for all anime girls. Recently there are a lot of the so called “loli” characters who are rather tiny and usually with small boobs. Why I said usually? Well, like in chemistry, physics and many other sciences there are always exceptions. Here is prove for mysterious big boobs loli funny Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Next we have Usopp! He can do the scary face part even better. Don’t believe me, again? Re-watch the whole Doflamingo arc and you will see I’m not lying 😉

Super Saiyajin Sanji, enough said!

Isn’t Chopper cute? I love that little guy.

Do we really need to talk about Nico Robin’s handjob skills? I don’t think so, but they sure are EPIC!

About Franky… Let’s skip that one for now…

What, what? Brook is asking for money instead for panties. Is it opposite day?

Last but not least, the 3 uneducated ones. I’m sure Nico Robin could teach these guys a lot of … nice things.

one piece funny Law shows true power comedy

I actually do, but that exceeds my limits. Also I don’t want to completely destroy my back.

one piece funny captain luffy face

There are some things we need to share with family and friends. And then there is meat!

one piece funny nico robin kawaii moment part 1

one piece funny nico robin kawaii moment part 2

Is this it? Is this Robin’s first emotional reaction? All it needed was a “weird thing” created from a “weird Samurai”. That couldn’t be that hard to find! Anyway, let’s enjoy this moment… KAWAII!

one piece funny gaara vs. sir crocodile anime manga battle

This would be solely a stamina battle!

one piece funny pokemon anime here comes pica

The only enemy Zoro can’t beat… Because, too KAWAII!

one piece funny fangirl fanboy

Bartolomeo is probably the only REAL competitor that Boa Hancock needs to take care of, when it comes to Luffy Fan Girls…

one piece funny zoro luffy sanji nami

So… Sanji is the only one who sees how she really looks after the 2 year time skip?! haha

one piece funny anime smart

Luffy might be smarter than we all thought. His sentences may appear “simple” at some point, but they actually have a certain “depth” to it.

Just kidding, he just likes to eat! That’s all folks.

one piece funny manga zoro cool scene

The StrawHat crew should maybe think about giving Zoro some kind of GPS. Still, even that might not be enough for him to find his crew members.  The only positive aspect here is, that Zoro is usually strong enough to keep the mess that he creates with his catastrophic sense for orientation, to a minimum.

Not that it matters, but Did I mention that I like his new hair style a lot better 😛

Also what is your opinion about Zoro and the other Strawhat crew members? Do you like Luffy, Nami, Robin, Sanji, Franky, Chopper, Brook, Usopp, Zoro, or maybe somebody else from One Piece anime/manga? Feel free to post in the comment section below.

There you have it folks. All you need to do is to call Nami “hime” (princess) and she is all yours. Well, or you have tons of money (Berry).

one piece funny moments with golddigger nami


one piece funny vs. one punch man funny anime fight

Great power comes with a great price! In Saitama’s case, that’s his hair.

On the other hand let’s leave One Punch Man aside for a moment… WHAT ABOUT SHANKS!!!

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