15 Funny Dinner Memes

6 Funny Dinner Meme loonyhumor

Not exactly “When the hunter becomes the hunted”, but we are getting close. Also notice that the deer knows exactly where the gun is pointing to. It’s not a coincidence that it comes from that direction. This is one of my favorite funny dinner quotes, but there are more good ones yet to come.

6 Funny Dinner Meme loonyhumor

I don’t know exactly what the issues in your relationship are, but your (ex)girlfriend is really hot. May I jump in and try my luck? No hard feelings, right 😉

6 Funny Dinner Meme loony humor funny cat

There will be enough time for the Internet later. Now go and feed your cat.

WAIT! Let’s go one step further; what if your precious cat is actually a spy and wants to stop you from knowing too much. Maybe your cat is just pretending that she is hungry!

6 funny dinner jokes old grumpy man

Where did they took this picture from? Maybe from a dictionary for reference to: “Grumpy old man is not interested in a threesome”.

Or at least he is pretending not to be interested. Maybe it’s just the lack of Viagra?! Wait, does this have anything to do with funny dinner quotes? Of course it has, go back and read the meme lol!

funny meme jokes about dinner loonyhumo

“OMG this one is so freaking cute”. Well that’s what I would say if that little puppy would have had washed his hands properly. But NO, he wants to play in the dirt and not wash his hands before dinner. Not cool young fellow, not cool at all.

spongebob funny dinner meme

That’s actually pretty bad for somebody who has years of experience as a fry cook.

dinner is served boing

Alright little fellow, slow down, slow down.

First I want to say that it’s really unfair how a little kid is allowed to watch directly at those yummy … well how should I say … Milk Bags. YET, I’m not!

Second thing is that I just noticed that’s a Hooter girl! So technically I’m allowed to watch. 😀

what a nice gentleman dog you have funny meme

You are right Albert, my day was really hard. My boss yelled at me again, because I wasn’t able to do the job until the deadline. That’s why I really appreciate what you are doing for me, however I just see a bottle of whine, a glass of whine and you being dressed up to the nines. Now, where is my fucking dinner Albert?! Alllbeeert!!!

slow down easy rider funny turtle meme

Now don’t get me wrong, but I’m not a cold-blooded creature. I need dinner more than once in a month. What I’m trying to say here is: “YOU ARE FIRED”!

not what you promised you liar lol funny cat hilarious

So what? I lied to you. But chicken is kind of similar to tuna.

Cat: “In what, in WHAT way can they be ‘kind of similar’?”

Robert: “They both like water.”

Cat: “Not true!”

Robert: “They both like to eat grains.”

Cat: “Not true, again!”

Robert: “Alright you got me, but the real connection between the chicken and the tuna is that once you have finished your dinner you will get a nice and big cup of yummy milk!”

Cat: “Liar!”

science and dinner don't go together funny lol meme

This may sound weird to some people out there, but this picture reminds me of my chemistry lessons at middle school.

very interesting dinner with jesus lol funny memes

Next morning he will cry about how broke he is. You know how much the bill is for a dinner for 12 people at a decent restaurant. It’s huge dude. Especially if you have John Goodman as one of the participants. Nothing against John (I loved him in his role as Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski), but fact is he alone can eat for 12 people. In reality you will have to take out a loan to pay for this bill. What I’m trying to say is that you are never supposed to INVITE John Goodman to a free dinner.

15 Funny Dinner Memes granny chill out

We all have experienced this situation, well maybe not exactly the same but you know what I mean :P. You are having dinner with your whole family and you are eating until you can’t eat anymore, but they always force you to eat more and more…

15 Funny Dinner Memes

That’s one greedy looking face. However, with those teeth he could easily bite of his whole hand or a least a few fingers, so I would be really careful when feeding such a “thing”.

15 Funny Dinner Memes

Quote: “After taking out a woman for a dinner, REAL men make sure she has burnt the calories from it”

Alright, alright, alright. This sentence that I have quoted above gives as several options of interpretation. The most obvious one (not always the right one) would be sex. While having sex both the male and the female are losing a decent number of calories, so this would work perfectly, right?

What other options would we have? Well “he” could suggest that instead of taking a cab, they could take a long walk back to her home. That would burn a lot of calories as well.

Another possibility would be that he pretends to have heard about this super discount event where you can get a usually very expensive purse for only 30% of the original price! Then you need to tell her that the location is on the other side of the city. You would be surprised how many calories she would lose haha.

Like you can see this list could go on and on so I will leave it at those few given examples, but my main point was that sentences like those above in the funny meme picture can be very ambiguous. Even if not intended in first place 😉

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