40 Funny pick up lines to engage a girl into a conversation or dating

40 Funny pick up lines to engage a girl into a conversation or dating

Are you looking forward to date a girl and go into friendlier terms with her? Then you must be in need of some funny yet engaging pickup lines. Most of the pickup lines used these days fail to impact the girls in the right way. Instead of impressing them, you might end up portraying yourself as a dumb-ass in front of the girls. The pick-up lines should sound funny and help in depicting your sense of humor. Here are some of the ideas that you might find useful:

  1. Your eyes are bluer and deeper than the swimming pool….I would like to plunge into them

Comparing a girl’s eyes to the oceans is common. So how about comparing it to a swimming pool to make it more engaging and sound trendy?

  1. If I were a spider, I would be able to grasp you in a better way….

The eight hands of a spider would prove to be more effective in grabbing someone…so the girl comes to know how tightly you would like to hug her. She will also get an idea about your overwhelming desire to hold her in your arms…and probably grope her too!

  1. I wish I were an octopus…..Then I would have three hearts to beat for you!

So this tells her that your heart beats for her all the time and you like the feeling. You would like to have two more hearts that would beat for her in the same way.

  1. I am not from the weather-forecasting team but I can tell you that you’ll get a few centimeters tonight!

This has nothing to do with rains but is related to the biological phenomenon that the man is likely to go through. It is an indicative of the fact that the girl is arousing the man sexually and is an implicit way of praising her hotness or sexual appeal.

  1. I would like to be the toilet paper so that I could touch your soft butts…

Does it sound dirty? Well, initially she also might think in the same way but this will rouse her interest in a unique way.

  1. Do you have a family business in wifi routers and modems? I think that’s the reason why I feel connected to you…

Let the pick-up line have a relation with internet connection in today’s digital world. The girl might be glad to know that you not only like her but feel connected to her all the time…

  1. Baby I am blown away! Seems you just farted…

This is an expression of romance in an entirely different way…The age-old lines like “your love takes me higher” or “blows me away” do not work anymore. Better try this!

  1. Can I call you a dictionary? You give a new meaning to my day, my life….and everything else!

Saying that she adds a new meaning to your life and stuffs like that are cliche. So it’s better to use the comparison with a dictionary here so that you can add the fun element to your line.

  1. Do you have the habit of eating fermented rice? I think that’s the reason why you are so addictive…

This reveals the addiction that you have towards her and is going to impress her in a better way.

  1. You smell like garbage. I think I should take you out.

This will not insult her in any way but will help you to stand out in the crowd of men who ask her on a date.

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