Classic Steve Martin Moments

hilarious steve martin movie scene

Classic Steve Martin!

He was always among my favorite comedians. It’s not just his funny movies, but also his flexibility as an actor that impresses me. Even though, it seems he always plays the same role in every movie that is not the case. Here are some more classic moments of Steve Martin and Richard Pryor

Traffic Sign Endboss LvL

asian traffic sign funny complicated

And here I thought traffic signs are supposed to be simple and easy to understand. Well some people like the challenge.

Well, now that I have looked at it for about 2 minutes I understand it, but I doubt you will have that luxurious time in a high traffic road.

Fail tattoo of the month

funny freehand tattoo fails

I mean sure you can make a mistake here and there while you are working, but man how can you screw up something like this. Even if the tattooist is doing a freehand tattoo, he is not supposed to fail this much!

On the other hand… NO REGERTS!