The best son in law

An old woman had three sons in law. She wasn’t sure how much they love her so she decided to make a test.

She called the first son in law to visit her and once he arrived she jumped in a river and started drowning. The son in law jumped in the river and saved her. The next morning he wakes up and sees a new car in front of the house with a message – Thank you – your mother in law!

She called the other son in law and made the same trick. He also jumped in the river and saved her. He wakes up the other day and finds a new car parked in front of his home with a message – Thank you – your mother in law!

In the third week she called the third son in law and did the same test. But this time the son in law pretended like he didn’t see her and the woman died. The next day he woke up and sees a brand new car in front of his house with a message – Thank you very much – your father in law.

Shopping time

The wife: Huh, I don’t feel so good today…

The husband: That’s a shame! I wanted to take you to the shopping mall to buy few things.

The wife: Haha, I was just joking!

The husband: I know, I was joking too!

Phone call

It’s the middle of the night and the phone is ringing. Carl tells his wife Debra:

  • Pick up the phone, if they are looking for me tell them I am not here.

Debra picks up the phones and says:

  • Hello, yeah he is here.

Carl is furious:

  • I’ve told you that you should say that I am not here.

Debra replies:

  • It was a friend of mine.

Freaking cold

A Russian guy is watching weather forecast and the speaker says that it’s currently -55 C in Siberia. He finds this forecast suspicious and says:

  • I don’t believe that. I’ll call my brother who lives there and check this fake information.

He takes his phone and calls his brother:

  • Hey brother, tell me what’s the temperature over there?

His brother checks and says:

  • Well, it’s around – 20 C why are you asking?
  • They told that it is -55 C on TV I know that they are wrong.
  • Well it might be – 55 C outside I don’t know for sure…

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