Just don’t add the nuts!

funny missing ingredients

At first it seems pretty clear what has to be done here, but on the other hand it’s questionable how it would taste without the nuts since they are a vital ingredient of this recipe. It would be wiser to find an appropriate substitute that wouldn’t cause an allergic reaction. Otherwise the whole meal would be stale and that wouldn’t be funny at all.

Funny Dog Picture

put that thing off my head now lol funny dog

This is my day off so let me chill dude! However, you could bring me a glass of cold water if you are standing there anyway. And maybe some chips.

Oh and by the way could somebody take this ridiculous looking thing of my head, thanks!

Old School Chair for Old School People

funny old man and his cat

At first you will see just an old man who’s sitting on an wooden stool, but when you take a better look you will see actually the reason why he isn’t sitting on the more comfortable chair. It’s because there is a cat on that chair! Oh man his poor back isn’t getting any better with this.

Well you have to assign your priorities in the right order.  Back > Cat > Whatever you are doing on that computer.