Clever neighbor

It’s the middle of the night and someone is playing music to the maximum. The neighbor decides to visit the apartment where the music is played. He knocks on the door and kindly says:

-Hey neighbors would you like to borrow me your audio system?

- What’s up neighbor? Do you want to listen to some music too?

The neighbor replies:

  • No, I just want to sleep.

Too tired

Tom comes back from work; he instantly jumps in the bed and complains to his wife Betty:

  • I feel like walking dead man, I just can’t move my legs.

Betty looks at him and replies:

  • If we judge by the smell, your legs are dead for around three days.

Power of Imagination

After one hour playing with the fish in his dish little Jimmy tells his mother:

  • Mum I don’t want this fish. I don’t like it.

His mother says:

  • Well imagine that the fish is something you really like and start eating it.
  • I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you imagine that I’ve already ate it and take this dish away from me – little Jimmy replied.


Little Jimmy asks his teacher:

  • Teacher have you checked my exam?

The teacher replies:

  • No Jimmy, I have other students too it’s not just you around!
  • Well I haven’t finished my homework – little Jimmy replies.
  • But why Jimmy?
  • Well I’ve got other teachers too.

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